Tuesday, June 27, 2023

Big Fun at ChannelCon - FREE with this code

Join me at ChannelCon!

Of course you've heard of ChannelCon. It's that big event every year where it seems that everyone you've ever heard of is posting pictures on social media. Well, you don't have to miss it.

Join me - and get your picture taken with our robot friend here. 

AND have a chance to win a real, working, vintage Robbie the Robot - at booth 101. 

FREE registration on me:

Or use the code SBSmallBizThoughts23 if asked.

I am giving away ONE vintage Robbie the Robot to one lucky winner. See a video of the working robot here:


SO . . . What is ChannelCon anyway?

I'm glad you asked. 

ChannelCon is produced by CompTIA and is one of the best places to meet a lot of great people in the SMB IT Community. 

Three of things I like about the "vendor hall" at ChannelCon are:

1) All booths are the same size, so my booth is the same size as Microsoft, Kaseya, or ConnectWise.

2) Booths are first-come, first served. So I got there first and therefore have a better location than Google, Amazon, or any of the big vendors.

3) But most importantly, ChannelCon attracts a lot of executives and decision makers. So all of your regular booth-dwelling friends will be there, along with their bosses, directors, and some company executives. 

AND CompTIA has lots of sessions where you can hear firsthand about the important trends, best practices, and research from industry professionals, peers, and experts. Get the information you need to help your business grow!

Register today! 


Now . . . a bit about our booth.

We have put together a fun table you will definitely want to see. Kara, Jenn, MyTie, and I will all be there. We'll be handing out some great stickers and materials. PLUS, you can get your picture taken with your head stuck through our fun robot sign. And, of course, you can enter for a chance to win an authentic, vintage Robbie the Robot!

Sign up for ChannelCon today and I'll see you in Vegas, Baby!


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