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Sample Sub-Contractor Agreement - Exclusive Content

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Sample Sub-Contractor Agreement (contract)

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One of the things I predicted in my State of the Nation address is January is that sub-contracting among IT folks was going to become a lot more common. This is due in part to the labor scarcity, but also as part of the natural evolution of our space.

If you're not a specialist a [signage | telephones | security | web development | conference room AV | etc.], one option is to learn it all. Another is to do what you tell your clients to do: Hire a specialist.

But, of course, you don't want to hire this person. You want to find someone who can bring their skillset to the job for a reasonable price, and let them make you look good to your client.

I am getting more and more requests for a sample sub-contractor agreement. I have been using a variation of the basic agreement in Service Agreements for SMB Consultants. But I have also been putting together a dedicated document. 

Note - as always - Have any document you sign be reviewed by your attorney. My attorney probably doesn't live in your state. So as you adopt this document for your use, please make sure that it's valid and enforceable in your state (territory, etc.)!

This is a sample agreement (contract) for outsourced labor. You can use this to sub-contract for tech support services as well as any outsourced labor you hire (video production, web development, marketing services, etc.).

To use this document, there are three steps. First, remove my branding and add your own. Second, customize the document for the specific project and pricing. Third, send this to your attorney (or at least LegalShield or a similar service) just to make sure it's legal and effective in your state, region, country, etc.

This agreement includes the core elements you need to verify that the sub-contractor is a sub-contractor and not an employee. It also includes a non-disclosure agreement and a clause to prevent the client from poaching employees from the contractor.

It is important that you don't unintentionally create an employer/employee relationship because you were not careful about how the relationship is crafted!

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