Tuesday, November 08, 2022

Introducing the Information Technology Service Providers of Canada (ITSPC)

 Attention Canadian MSPs!  

Four of your fellow Canadian MSPs have created the Information Technology Service Providers of Canada (ITSPC)  whose goal is to help create standards within Canada for IT Service Providers.  This is a place for all Canadian IT Service Providers to have a voice and help develop this before the Canadian Government starts making decisions for our industry.  

They sent me this memo:

What we are not  

• Not focused on legislation but will be a voice to inform government as standards emerge

• Not a cybersecurity standard but support a baseline for CyberSecure Canada readiness

• Not a global organization but cooperate with international groups such as NSITSP and Tech Tribe

• Not an imposed professional certification but instead we provide a voluntary organization-wide standard that informs the IT industry

• Not limited by vendor bias but recognize that their participation is needed

• Not a profit-making vendor, an incorporated non-profit, but not free                   

• Not an exclusive club for larger MSPs with unaffordable/restrictive requirements

• Not a training or coaching group like The Tech Tribe                            


Our mission is to create an IT Services Delivery standard that can be a baseline to inform Canadian government standards as they emerge. 

The ITSPC is a federally registered Canadian non-profit business. 

We strongly believe that IT service standards need to be created by the IT Community. We are building a strong and active IT Community in Canada that will professionally create and peer review IT standards. 

By developing these standards together, we ensure all size businesses are represented and have a chance to share their vision. Together we will build a baseline of standards that empowers Canadian business and guarantee a minimum standard of IT service delivery. 

As the Canadian IT space evolves, we want our voices to be heard by the government of Canada. In addition, we want to create an organization where Canadian businesses can trust its members deliver high quality IT services. 

We welcome and encourage your participation. 

Join us for a year at no charge before the end of 2022 with code ITSPCFREE

JOIN ITSPC  ( plaintext version of link: buy.stripe.com/aEUeXYfbe88ca885kk




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