Monday, April 06, 2020

Community Weekly Confab: Helping Each Other Succeed through the Economic Downturn

Announcement for Small Biz Thoughts Technology Community Members:

Join us for the New Weekly Community Confab.

Starts Thursday
April 9th
8:00 AM Pacific
Members Access Here

At least through the end of June, let's grab our web cams and hit Zoom for a get together to talk about your business, and how you and your clients can thrive during the economic downturn.

This Thursday: Dave Sobel from The Business of Tech podcast will join us to talk about working with vendors and distributor during the economic downturn. Dave's been talking about well-behaved and poorly-behaved vendors over the last week. So I've invited him to help share some perspective.

Details Here

Basically, we’re opening up the Zoom channel and inviting all members to come hang out, ask for help, offer help, and generally be available to one another during the Virus Lockdown. Note: We will not be talking about the virus (which is why that over-used keyword does not appear in this blog post).

At the end of that period, we’ll decide whether it’s useful to continue meeting weekly. Note: This does NOT replace the standard “Third Thursday” monthly member meeting.

I want to discuss your business, how you collect cash and save money, how to implement managed services and recurring revenue opportunities during the downturn, etc.

The link to log in each week is HERE in the Community.

You'll also find an ICS file to add this to your calendar. That's at the top of the Community Dashboard. You need to be logged in for this to work.

See you online.

If you are not a member of the Small Biz Thoughts Technology Community, you should join now.

Just because you're in business for yourself doesn't mean you have to go it alone!


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