Tuesday, May 07, 2019

Episode 1 - The Killing IT Podcst

Well, after more work than you'd think, there's a new podcast in town: The Killing IT Podcast.

More Info and First Episode here: killingit.smallbizthoughts.com

I am joined by co-hosts Ryan Morris and Dave Sobel for a fun, irreverent, and thoughtful look at the industry we're in and where it's going.

In a month no one will care that it takes effort to jump-start the iTunes feed. But to get that process started, I produced a tiny Episode .9 a few days ago.

But the real Episode One is now live.

Please give it a listen and put any comments or questions in the form at KillingIT.smallbizthoughts.com.

We do have a Facebook page at
(or you can talk about us on Facebook with the tag @killingitpodcast.



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