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Cloud Services in a Month - Available NOW!

I just posted the final PDF version of Cloud Services in a Month - 396 pages!!!

There are two ways to download this book right now:

Option One: Buy Now for only $49.95

  • Browse to
  • ZIP file includes the book in PDF format and all the downloads (Excel spreadsheets, marketing flyers, checklists, etc.)

Option Two: Get it FREE in the Small Biz Thoughts Community

  • If you are an SBT Community member, just go download the ZIP file now
  • Visit and browse to the "Books" section
  • ZIP file includes the book in PDF format and all the downloads (Excel spreadsheets, marketing flyers, checklists, etc.)

Note on the Community: One of my pledges is that all of my books will be available in the community at no additional charge. This is the second new book I've posted this year (along with The Nonfiction Book Publishing Plan, co-authored by Stephanie Chandler).

Just the books inside the SBT Community are worth more than the cost to join. Find out more at

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Cloud Services in a Month is a step-by-step, no-nonsense guide to building an extremely profitable cloud service business for the SMB (small and medium business) market. Filled with practical advice based on the author's experience over more than a decade, this guide is the playbook you will use for success in the Cloud.

Based on more than a dozen years selling and delivering millions of dollars of Cloud services to my clients. In this book, I share exactly how I did it.

I also give you all the details you need to build a Cloud Five-Pack™ - The custom bundled offering of services you will market, sell, and deliver to your prospects and customers. Chock full of additional assets such as spreadsheets, checklists, processes, and more, Cloud Services in a Month includes everything you need to hit the ground running – even if you’re not a Cloud expert.

Whether you have a time-and materials, professional services, or managed services practice, Cloud Services in a Month reveals how to incorporate Cloud services into your existing solution stack and up-sell and cross-sell the Cloud with your existing services in 30 days.

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Table of Contents:

Author’s Preface
I. Everyone’s a Cloud Service Provider
1. Tip Toe into the Clouds?
2. My Company’s Move to the Cloud
3. Cloud Computing in the Small Business Space

II. Right Sizing Your Offering
4. One Size Does Not Fit All
5. Assessing Client Networks
6. Placing the X
7. Money-Making Homework - Network Assessments

III. Create a Cloud Service Offering
8. Sneak Peek: The Cloud Service Five-Pack
9. Server Lite
10. Plan Changes and Updates
11. Transactions, Customers, and Clients
12. Managed Services and Cloud Services

IV. Migrating to the Cloud
13. One Service at a Time
14. Managed Service Tools and the Cloud
15. Storage Migration
16. Email Migration
17. Microsoft Office
18. Money-Making Homework - Migration Plans

V. Backups, DR, and Continuity
19. Basic Backups
20. Cloud and BDR Backups
21. Business Continuity

VI. Running Your New CSP Business
22. The Right Partners for the Job
23. Your Standard Offerings (Your Catalog of Services)
24. Staff Requirements for Cloud Services
25. Selling Cloud Services
26. Final Thoughts: Cloud Services in a Month

VII. Resources: Checklists and Documentation
27. Cloud Readiness Checklist
28. Robocopy Samples
29. Client Onboarding Checklist
30. New User Welcome Package
31. Monthly Maintenance for Cloud Services
32. Cloud Documentation Sample
33. Removing Clients from Cloud Services

Appendix A: Alphabet Soup Cheat Sheet
Appendix B: Products and Resources Mentioned
Keeping Up With Karl

Buy Now - only $49.95

Download Free in the SBT Community

Also available on Kindle from Amazon


Check Out the All New Book:

Cloud Services in A Month
by Karl W. Palachuk

396 pages - plus lots of juicy downloads

Paperback - Ebook

A great resource for managed service providers or anyone who wants make money selling and bundling cloud services.

Featuring all the details you need to create and sell YOUR custom Cloud Five-Pack (TM)

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