Friday, March 15, 2019

Six-Part Video Series - Tune Up Your Service Board

Just finished posting part six of a six-part series on tuning up your service board.

Here's a quick summary:

Part 1 = How Tickets Get Into the System

Part 2 = Creating the Most Useful View of Your Board

Part 3 = The Flow of Tickets Based on Statuses

Part 4 = How to Make Sure Tickets Don't Get Lost

Part 5 = Make Sure Ticket Are Closed - Properly

Part 6 = Once Your Board is Set up Properly, You Need 
Processes to Keep it Working

Theoretically, YouTube will play each of these in order if you start with the first one. But I can't guarantee what they do, so here's the whole series you can click on individually.

Many people buy a service board and then don't get the amazing value they could - and often for some very simple reasons. They might have too many statuses to choose from, the flow of tickets through their system is poorly defined, or they don't have good practices to make sure it all works properly.

No software will make your company run more smoothly unless you configure it, fine-tune it, and keep an eye on your processes. So don't just invest in the software: Invest in your process as well.

Video #1:

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