Thursday, December 13, 2018

Report from NexGen Conference and Expo - with HarryBBB

NexGen is always a great event. And for the last two years, it's been the last big event of the year.

My overall feeling about this event was that it was relaxed. Vendors were relaxed because the next thing they get to do is go home and enjoy the holidays. And pretty much the same thing was true for attendees.

The keynote speaker, Nancy Giordano, was excellent. She have a lot of great information about newer technologies and trends. Maybe I enjoyed it a lot because I've been preaching this message for a year now. The future is coming - fast - and you better be prepared for it.

And of course that's the actual focus of of the NexGen conference and expo.

Harry Brelsford and I managed to take half an hour to participate in a discussion about future technologies, the flow of business, SOPs, and some tips about 2019 for your small business IT consulting. View the program on YouTube.

The recording here is from the folks at Northwest Digital News, Kevin Hunter and Kyle Torgerson.

I hope you'll find it interesting. And I think it's a really good fit with the forward-looking nature of the NexGen conference.

If you want to keep up on events at the Channel Company, follow this link:

Note that the 2019 events calendar is on a link there. Also note that NexGen is moving to October in 2019. Get on their list and don't miss it!


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