Sunday, December 02, 2018

ALL Managed Services Operations Manual Books Now Available in the Community


It's finally done. I just posted Volume Four of the Managed Services Operations Manual in the Small Biz Thoughts Community. This is the audio book version.

That means you can download the entire 4-volume set in the SOP series as audio books.

. . . And that takes us to more than a dozen books you can download as audio programs or PDFs.

The audio programs each include the related checklists, SOPs, and other downloads that you would get if you purchased the books separately.

- - - - -

Please Note: I really want people to join the Community so they can interact, ask questions, attend classes, etc. But I know that some people just want to make sure they will get their money's worth.

Well . . . downloads in the Community now exceed $4,500 . . . and will soon top $5,000.

And we're not stopping. The web site is growing and growing. Traffic is skyrocketing. And Ruben and I are monitoring to make sure it all keeps working. So far, things are smooth.

If you're still unsure about the SBT Community, click this button to watch the intro videos:

I also have a bunch of Community videos on my YouTube Channel at

Membership has really started to grow. Stay tuned for announcements about some major changes coming soon. I'll be launching a quick monthly newsletter in the next week. There you can learn about the special Community Members Only deals for 2019.

Most of the "deals" really consist of "Available to members at no additional charge." As membership grows, we can afford to shift the business model to be more and more focused on providing additional benefits.

Note to Members:

Within the Karl's Korner forum, there are codes to get 20% off anything you need at SMB Books. And a code to get a massive discount on the 5-week classes.

But remember that 100% of everything you find in the Community can be downloaded at no additional charge.

Dig in and grow your business today!


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