Friday, October 05, 2018

MS Operations Manuel volume 2 Added to SBT Community Downloads

Volume 2 of the Managed Services Operations Manuel set has just been added to the Small Biz Thoughts Community!

As promised, I am adding all of my books and materials into the Community. With this addition, the value of downloads now exceeds $3,600 !

Managed Services Operations Manual: Standard Operating Procedures for Computer Consultants and Managed Service Providers

Vol. 2 - Employees and Internal Processes: SOPs for Hiring, Employee Evaluations, Team Management, and More

Volume Two of the Four-Volume Set

Who needs Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)? Everyone!

When you document your processes and procedures, you design a way for your company to have repeatable success. And as you fine-tune those processes and procedures, you become more successful, more efficient, and more profitable.

Table of Contents for Volume Two

Section I - Employees

  • Intro Notes
  • Employee Handbook
  • Hiring Your First Employee
  • Hiring vs. Outsourcing
  • Hiring Process
  • Employee On-Boarding
  • Roles and Responsibilities - Front Office
  • Roles and Responsibilities - Service Manager
  • Roles and Responsibilities - Technician
  • DiSC Personality Profiles
  • Honesty, Integrity, and Teamwork
  • Basic Customer Service Training
  • Employee Review Procedure (Quarterly or Annual)
  • Layoffs and Downsizing
  • Firing Process
  • Time Sheet Submission and Approval
  • Employee Expense Reports
  • Healthcare and Other Benefits
  • Paid Time Off / Paid Holidays
  • Travel Policies
  • Casual Fridays (and Dress Codes Generally)
  • Dealing with Unfaithful Employees

Section II - Misc. Policies and Procedures

  • Intro Note
  • Organizing Your Company Files and Folders
  • The !Tech Directory
  • Naming Your Processes and Procedures
  • Date formats
  • Managing Temporary Files
  • Do Billable Work First?
  • Prudent Password Policies
  • Voicemail Passwords, etc.
  • Mobile Device Management
  • BYOD - Bring Your Own Destruction
  • Using a White Board
  • Shredding
  • End of Year SOPs
  • Next Year's Holiday and Pay Schedule

The other volumes are:

- Vol. 1 - Front Office Mastery: SOPs for Office Management, Finances, Administration, and Running Your Company More Efficiently

- Vol. 3 - Running the Service Department: SOPs for Managing Technicians, Daily Operations, Service Boards, and Scheduling

- Vol. 4 - Support and Service Delivery: SOPs for Client Relationships, Service Delivery, Scheduled Maintenance, and All about Backups

- - - - -

Membership is only $999/year or $99/month. So you basically get more than your money's worth on day one.

Note: During the month of October, we will donate $99 to to a special scholarship program to encourage women to get into technical fields. The Women in IT scholarship program will reimburse the exam fee for women who successfully pass an IT or DEV certification exam. We believe in Community and want to support these great causes!


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