Thursday, July 06, 2017

SMB TechFest Innovates with "Power Talks"

I love it when conferences innovate to keep things fresh and invite more ideas into the conversation.

Dave over at SMB TechFest has come up with a great way to get lots of new ideas and discussions into the mix. This quarter, SMB TechFest will include a stage dedicated to ten-minute Power Talks.

I will be presenting the following topics - with handouts.

We might have some time to debate and discuss while on stage. If not, we can certainly do so at lunch and during the cocktail party.

Easy Cloud Service Documentation

As we move more services and data into the cloud, it becomes very important to keep track of all that. In this 10-minute Power Talk, author Karl Palachuk presents a simple method for documenting all your clients' cloud services.

Resolved: Break/Fix Support is Immoral

Karl Palachuk is a well-known advocate of the managed services business model. In this 10-minute Power Talk, Karl takes his belief a step further, arguing that it's wrong to offer tech support without managed services. See if you agree.

Attitudes Toward Money . . . Tips on nickels, dimes, dollars, and stray dogs

What separates those who "make money" from those who build wealth? In this 10-minute Power Talk, author Karl Palachuk argues that the different is attitude - an attitude toward money. He elaborates with entertaining and educational examples.

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