Sunday, April 02, 2017

Schedule Success and Work on Balance

My motto, as you may know, is:

Nothing Happens By Itself!

That includes everything. Over on my Relax Focus Succeed blog, I just posted a video entitled Balance Doesn't Happen by Itself. More specifically, that blog post is about how we un-balance our own lives.

I also posted a new "SOP" video on YouTube about Scheduling Your Success.

Both topics address an important common theme: Living with intention. What does that mean? Basically, it means you need to take control of your life and create the life you want. If you don't take control, someone else might. But even if no one else does, you're still responding to the world around you.

There is a dramatic limit to how much success you can have (personally and professionally) if you only respond to the rest of the world. Obviously, extreme success will simply not "happen" to you. At a much lower level, you may have luck in some piece of your life. But even if you're the luckiest person in the world, there's a limit to how much success will just show up at your doorstep.

Think about all the changes you know you should be making. For me, it's easy to say I should exercise more and drink less. We all know what we should be doing more of or less of. But for whatever reason, we just don't always do what we know we need to do.

I recommend you start by making a list of the things you do right. What are you good habits? How did yo get those habits? Why are they more successful for you?

That self-assessment will help you examine where your strengths are with regard to creating good habits. For example, I have a habit of writing every day. Sometimes it's after meditating in the morning. Sometimes it's hand-written, sometimes on a computer. Sometimes it's outside. But whatever it is, I write every day.

I got that habit because I wrote down one day that I want to write more. Then I made it a priority. And the truth is, I failed a lot. It took me months to go from writing in spurts to writing several days per week, and eventually to every day. Even now there are days when I don't write. But most days I write every day. :-)

This year I'm trying to tackle that exercise deficit. Not every day. But I want to consistently exercise two or three times per week. I used to do that. I know I can do that. And I know I will do it again.

Exercise is a perfect example: Exercising three times per week is never just going to happen. I need to make it a priority and I need to make it happen.

One final note about making improvements in your life: Go slow. Be kind to yourself. And don't take on everything at once. Start with one thing - when big or small. Focus on it. Write it down. Develop a plan. Create your success!

It won't happen by itself.



  1. As for your exercise goal, try the Gympact app. It helps you commit to yourself what you intend to do, per week...and there's a monetary penalty (that you set) for when you fall short.

  2. What? It costs me money to be lazy? That could go bad fast. :-)


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