Friday, March 10, 2017

Monkey Hooks and Marketing

99% of businesses don't need what you're selling 99% of the time. So how do you market in a way that people think they NEED you?

No one needs a monkey hook (that thing pictured here). So whey do they buy it?

Because they need to hang a picture!

You've heard it before: No one needs a 1/2" drill bit. They need a half inch hole. In other words, clients don't buy from you because they need a "server" or a NAS or a router.

They buy because they need a place to store their stuff or they need to get to the Internet. They buy solutions, not products.

In my latest video I talk about what clients are looking for and how you can position your company to provide the solutions clients need. Not Servers, Backup Systems, or Anti-Virus. Instead, they're looking for Security, Peace of Mind, Uptime, and Efficiency.

Check out the video. Subscribe to the channel. And pass it along to a friend.

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  1. do you know a sollution for backup and archive? Have been thinking about sharing data though a nas, but than i still dont have a decent backup sollution.

  2. There are dozens - maybe hundreds - of solutions for backup and archive. If you're just starting out, backup to cloud is a good way to go. You can probably "roll your own" solution by first copying data to an onsite drive and then copying that up to a cloud storage. If your NAS has redundant storage, your local backup drive can be just a drive. If it fails, you've got your live data and your storage/archive in the cloud.

    If you're looking for more serious option, I highly recommend you attend one of the ChannelPro, TechFest, or ASCII events. There are always lots of backup, BDR, DR, and cloud vendors at these shows.


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