Sunday, April 03, 2016

SOP: Every Company has Culture

My latest SOP video is about building culture in your company.

There are three key pieces to building culture: Honesty, Integrity, and Teamwork.

Honesty means that you can trust each other. Everyone can feel safe to tell the truth. That means truthful reporting about problems, truthful feedback, and being able to admit mistakes. It means everyone from top to bottom can say "I don't know."

Integrity refers to creating a whole. When everyone is integrated into the whole of your company, then you as a group face challenges. You as a group work to achieve great thing. You as a group have a process for documentation, a process for communication, a process for patch management, etc.

People without honesty and integrity act more for themselves than the team. These are the people that don't share information with the group, such as configurations and passwords. People who do that think it gives them job security. In reality, they are working against the team and hurting their own job security.

Teamwork results from choosing to work on your culture. Every company has some kind of culture, whether it evolved with intention or by accident. You get to decide how it goes in your company.


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