Thursday, April 14, 2016

How I Make My YouTube Videos

I have made a lot of videos in the last few years.

As of this writing, my primary YouTube channel has 195 videos. This includes 40 videos in the SOP Friday series. Check it all out at

Someone asked me to demonstrate how I put together these videos, so while I was producing video 41 in the SOP series (scheduled for April 22nd), I took screen shots so I could show exactly what I do.

I use a Sony Handycam to record the video (see my review here).

Then I use Camtasia Studio to edit the video. Camtasia costs about $300. The current version works very well with Windows 10. I found it frustrating with Windows 8. I got in the habit of saving frequently so the machine didn't lock up. With a new fast machine and Windows 10, those problems went away.

This step-by-step video demonstrates the process from getting the files off the camera to uploading the finished video to my YouTube Channel.

You can go straight to this video at or subscribe to my YouTube channel at

I'm happy to answer questions here or on YouTube. If you email me about this, I'll probably answer the question here or on YouTube so other folks can see the answer.



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  1. Thanks Karl, this is a very helpful video. What lights and lighting setup do you use in your home studio?

    Thank you,


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