Saturday, April 09, 2016

New Audio Program - How to Have a Never Ending Conversation with Your Clients

How to Have a Never Ending Conversation with Your Clients
featuring Bob Nitrio

One of the most powerful techniques you can adopt in your service business is to develop a strategy of working with you clients to improve their business. Technicians and "computer guys" are easy to come by. Having a strategic technology adviser who helps the business to make money, save money, and get the most from their technology is much harder to find.

After twenty years in business, community leader Bob Nitrio shares some of his best tips for viewing the entire client relationship as a continuous conversation about the client's business. Learn how to help your clients be more successful and they'll love you forever.

This is a 50 minute audio program, delivered as a MP3 zipped with the slides/handouts.

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About Bob Nitrio

Managed Service Provider, Strategic Business Consultant, I.T. Pro Leader

Robert A. Nitrio is the CEO of Ranvest Associates, a business technology consulting firm that he founded in 1992 in Sacramento, California. The company provides strategic business consulting and technology solutions to the SMB market. By becoming intimately familiar with each client’s operations, he guides them through an analytical process designed to streamline and enhance their operations. Appropriate technology solutions are introduced to achieve increased efficiency, productivity and profitability. The ultimate goal is to create an organizational culture focused on business continuity – keeping the client in business profitably every day until they are ready to execute their exit strategy.

As the co-founder and co-leader of the Sacramento SMB IT Pros, Bob maintains close ties with like-minded peers who seek to constantly improve their ability to deliver the very best support for their clients. As a leader in the IT consulting community, Bob also maintains close ties with other group leaders worldwide and encourages the development of those relationships through shared knowledge and resources. He is an Advisory Board member for Everything Channel’s XChange programs, which bring high level computer executives together with IT consultants for the purpose of fostering and extending their mutual business relationships. He also is a member of Samsung’s new Innovation Council which is focused on the computer-related portion of Samsung’s global business operations.

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