Tuesday, November 05, 2013

My Very Biased Opinion on Robin Robins and Her Technology Marketing Toolkit

Why I Promote Robin Robins' Training Materials
by Karl W. Palachuk

Recently, Robin asked me to send out some emails on her behalf. One of my fundamental rules of success is "Do what Robin says." That has worked well for me over the years. So I did.

A few people emailed me and asked why I was doing this. Some even opted out of my email list. The basic message was: You expect a newsletter from me and that's about it. So I thought I'd give you a sense of why Robin Robins is welcome in my neighborhood.

The current program Robin is promoting is a new video series on how to get more high-quality clients to outsource their IT support to you, without discounting or hard-selling. Please check it out.

But please also watch this video on why I subscribe to Robin's program, open her mailing every month, and encourage others to do the same:

Look for this sentence: "Buying into Robin Robins' first program that I bought into is the best decision I ever made for my IT company."

I would not encourage you to use Robin Robins' training videos or anything else unless I believe in it. And I wouldn't send out information about it unless I really think it's worth your while.

For general information on Robin's programs click here.

For information on this limited time offer for this video program click here.


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