Thursday, June 06, 2013

Presenter Box - A Great Tool for Lead Generation and Webinars

One of the speakers at our SMB Online Conference later this month is Mr. Brian Sharp from Go Big. Today Brian is announcing the full release of a great new product called Presenter Box.

Here's the note Brian sent me:

"With over 120 web pages, 100 videos, 12 months of planning, 9 months of design and 6 months of testing we are ready to go (or as ready as we are going to be!)."

You can find out more are - and get it for 50% OFF! That site has a very good three-minute video to describe the service.

Basically, Presenter Box is a tool so you can create & promote videos, webinars & more.  Special offer for first 50 members!

Here are a few things you get:

- Great Webinar tool
 - - and Automated Webinars

- Event Registration

- Video Recording and Broadcast

- Video Conferencing

- Presenter Profile Page

- Presentation Marketing System

- A Store Where You Can Sell Your Digital Products

AND a guarantee of 30 prospects in 30 days or your money back!

Check it out today at

Brian's contact info is:

Facebook:  /gobigbrian
Twitter: @bsharponline
LinkedIN:  @bsharponline


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  1. Thanks for the support Karl. Looking forward to the SMB Online Conference this month!


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