Monday, June 24, 2013

Day Passes Available for SMB Online Conference

The SMB Online Conference 2013 starts tomorrow. It will be three days of amazing content on the topic of Rebooting Your Business. We are happy to announce that you can now buy a one-day pass to any day of the conference.

One-Day Pass - Only $49 - Any Day

One-Day Passes are for "Live Only" access to the conference. If you want recordings, you'll need to buy a standard pass.

Visit for more details. An agenda overview is below. 

Agenda Summary:  IT Business Reboot 2013 Online Conference    

9:00AM PST
 Karl Palachuk: Rebooting and Restructuring for the Future
10:00AM  Chip Reaves, Bigger Brains Sales: Educating Clients For Sales
11:00AM  Len DiCostanzo: Transform Your Business With A Hybrid IT Services Catalog
      1:00PM  Manuel Palachuk: 5 Tools to Transform Your Managed Services Business
       2:00PM Rayanne Buchianico: Key Financial Reports You Can Run Out of QuickBooks

9:00AM PST Karl Palachuk: Building Your Identity (Internally and Externally)
10:00AM Richard Tubb: Effective Business Networking: How To Network Online and Offline
11:00AM Stacey Powell: Five Magic Tricks to Make Your Numbers Jump Up and Speak to You
1:00PM - Mark Moreno: How To Break Into The Mid-Market
2:00PM - Josh Peterson: Stop Hiring Your First Sales Person Over and Over Again

9:00AM PST Karl Palachuk: The Absolute Rules of Success
10:00AM Brian Sharp: How to Take Back and Turn Around Your Small Business
11:00AM John Armato: Thinking Inside the Box
1:00PM  Rayanne Buchianico: Understand Your Financials Use Data to Make Decisions
2:00PM  Ken Edwards: Where Facebook Meets Business - Marketing Strategies

We have always offered a three-day live-only pass for $99. So if you're tempted to buy two one-day passes, you might as well just go ahead and buy the full three-day pass for $99.

For all the details and all the options, please see the full SMB Online Conference Web Site.

You're gong to love it!!!

Watch the Video:


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