Sunday, June 30, 2013

Coach Valet Launch Webinar Tuesday July 2nd

 Please join us July 2nd, 2013 for a very big announcement.

Coach Valet will Launch July 2, 2013

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Mark your calendars, link to the webinar, and join us for a very special launch event. Find out more at

Coach Valet has been in development since August of 2012. Thousands of hours have been logged by our beta testers. And now we are ready for “prime time” release.

As with any cloud-based service, we will be constantly improving Coach Valet over time. I hope it will never be “done.”

Please bookmark one of these events and join us then:

Coach Valet Launch Webinar
July 2nd – 9:03 AM Pacific
12:03 PM Eastern July 2nd
5:03 PM London July 2nd
2:03 AM Sydney July 3rd

Phone Number: (206) 402-0100
Pin Code: 143599#
Coach Valet Launch Webinar
July 2nd – 4:03 PM Pacific
7:03 PM Eastern July 2nd
9:03 AM Sydney July 3rd
12:03 AM London July 3rd

Phone Number: (206) 402-0100
Pin Code: 143599#

Note: You can also return to this blog post or THIS page at the appointed date/time to view the webinar. Those same links will take you to the live event.

As you can see, one webinar is optimized for North America and Europe, the other optimized for North America, Australia, and the Pacific Region.

Small Biz Thoughts always strives to fill a niche that isn’t being filled by anyone else in the small business I.T. community. That’s why I spend very little time covering technical issues in my blogs. That information is abundantly available in many places. Business advice for small I.T. consultants is less common, and almost didn’t exist before I started my blog.

Now with Coach Valet I’ll be providing a way for I.T. consultants to improve their business, focus on the future, and stay focused on constantly driving their businesses toward success.

I have a very, very special offer for the first 100 people who sign up.

Please put this on you calendar and share it on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and all that other happy stuff out there.

I’ll see you July 2nd.

- Thank you as always for your support.

- Karlp


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