Friday, September 30, 2011

Bob Godgart Announces

I had a nice little chat with Bob G (formerly of Autotask) at the SMB Nation conference in Vegas today. Bob is announcing today that he has created the First Secure Social Network for the Channel, called Channel Eyes. Check them out at

Here's the basic idea:

1) Technology partners (you) go to and register

2) You list all of the vendors you do business with

3) These vendors then join and connect with all of their "followers"

This will allow vendors to mass communicate with their partners in a social environment, manage "campaigns," respond to inquiries, etc. Partners with multiple employees might have one department subscribe to feeds from the technical advisors and another department subscribe to the sales or marketing feeds, and so forth.

Here's a quick 6-minute interview with Bob:

Interview with Bob Godgart from Channel Eyes

. . . and here's the official press release:

Company founded by industry visionary Bob Godgart

East Greenbush, NY – September 30, 2011 — ChannelEyes LLC today announced that they are creating the first free and secure social network to aggregate Channel Program information, transforming communication between suppliers and Channel Partners, integrators, dealers and agents.

For all types of Channel Partners, will be the single place to see a snapshot of new channel information every day. Partners can control the programs they need to follow, filter the information they want to share and easily build social conversations around it.

For suppliers like vendors, distributors, associations, franchises and other players in the ecosystem, it will be the place to engage with their entire channel. Organizations will be able to target the right person with the right information at the right time. The net result is better engagement and sellthrough.

ChannelEyes is the brainchild of Bob Godgart, a well-known industry veteran and current Chairman of CompTIA. Bob was a pioneer in Cloud Computing, and spent the last 11 years automating how Channel Partners run their business. Now, the focus is on enhancing how they communicate. Godgart’s vision is to create a “ridiculously simple and secure way to engage all Channel Partners.”

Gartner Group noted in their Channel research that social communication and collaboration are in the Top 5 Strategic Technology Areas for 2011. Traditional vehicles such as email, newsletters and Portals are quickly being replaced by social conversations across peer networks.

The ChannelEyes team has talked to hundreds of Channel Partners and they agree it’s virtually impossible to continually read and disseminate industry information. In fact, only 5% use vendor portals and less than 17% open vendor emails. “This is a big problem!” states Godgart, “and ChannelEyes is going to fix that. What Facebook did for collaboration among friends, ChannelEyes will do for business.”

channeleyes 573 Columbia Turnpike, Suite 3B, East Greenbush, NY 12061 518-915-1188

ChannelEyes has an impressive roster of industry talent and has secured strong backing from leading vendors, associations and major VARs. Announcements will be made in the coming weeks.

“Business social applications go beyond simple sharing to create an industry focused, secure environment where information is filtered reaching the right person at the right time” said David Geoghegan, Chief Technology Officer of ChannelEyes. The Company has committed to product availability before year-end.

Vendors and channel partners can sign up for early access today at

About ChannelEyes
ChannelEyes LLC will provide the first free and secure social network to aggregate Channel Program information ,
transforming communication between suppliers and Channel Partners, integrators, dealers and agents.

For more information about ChannelEyes, follow us on:

ChannelEyesTM is a trademark of ChannelEyes LLC. All other trademarks mentioned in this document are the property of their respective owners.



  1. Hey Karl, great post on ChannelEyes. I'm excited to see how this site develops and think it will have a huge influence on the community.

    We have a video with Harry Brelsford from SMB Nation interviewing Bob Godgart about ChannelEyes, it can be viewed here:


  2. Thank you Richard. I appreciate the extra content.


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