Tuesday, September 06, 2011

1 Shopping Cart Users: It's Time For Larger Uploads!

Do you use 1 Shopping Cart (1shoppingcart.com)?

Then you probably would like to see some improvements. I am 90% happy with 1shoppingcart.com. I've been renewing it at the highest level for six years now. It is amazing and feature rich.

But 1shoppingcart.com has one huge drawback: It limits downloadable products to 7 MB. That's not a misprint. 7 Mb. That's roughly the size of your company logo.

This is an old and outdated limit. It is absurd by any measure, but particularly stupid in the age of digital products. Luckily You can do something about it!

If you are a registered 1shoppingcart.com user, you can go to their development forum and vote for which improvements you'd like to see. Best of all, you get to cast one, two, or three votes for any given proposal.

Go to http://ideas.1shoppingcart.com/forums/ to check it out. If you haven't registered before, you'll need to go through that process. And again, this is open to registered 1shoppingcart.com users only.

Once you log in, you'll have ten votes to allocate among all the proposed updates. In the Big Ideas forum, search for "digital" and fine the proposal entitled

Allow for large file size digital products

Then please cast three votes for this proposed update. As of this writing, the item has 91 votes. Let's see if we can get it to 150 and get the developers' attention!

If you are a 1 Shopping Cart User, and you sell books, audio, or other digital products, PLEASE vote to increase the size of digital downloads from this great shopping cart program.

You can post notes here if you wish.

Thank you.

-- karlp


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