Saturday, April 23, 2011

Great Domains Available - Clouds and More!

In March I posted an article about the many uses of internet domain names.

Another great use for a domain name is simply to represent your business. With that in mind, adding a good domain name can help you with branding and internet traffic.

One of the juiciest areas for domains (and business in general) is Cloud Computing. So cloud-related domains can give you a nice foothold in the market.

I am placing a number of domains for sale on Ebay. They're not all cloud-related, but mostly cloud-related.

Please consider how your business could benefit from using one of these domain names for . . .

- Your primary web site

- Your Blog

- A Landing Page for advertising

- Split Testing Ads

- Radio and Other Advertising

Domains for Sale

Category: Cloud Computing

If you have questions, ping me at [email protected].


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