Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Upcoming Events: Cloud Services

Posted: The Five Reasons Your Last Marketing Campaign Sucked Out Loud - And How You Can Make Sure Your Next One Totally Rocks - Cloud Services Roundtable with Jerry Kennedy

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We've got some big events coming up. Please take a minute to register today!

Sept. 15th: Cloud Services Roundtable
9 AM Pacific / 12 Noon Eastern

You've heard about Harry Brelsford's Pocket MBA program, but you might not know the details - or the bigger picture for SMB Consultants.

In addition to being an example of a cloud-based business, this online MBA certificate program is designed to help you become a cloud knowledge worker. We are working to get the president of Aspen University on the line as well

Register Now:

Intel® Hybrid Cloud - Click by Click
Sept. 17th
11 AM Pacific / 2 PM Eastern

See the longer blog post on this at http://blog.smallbizthoughts.com/2010/08/intel-hybrid-cloud-click-by-click.html

By now you should have heard of the Intel Hybrid Cloud server and the related pilot program for I.T. Consultants. You may have seen the pictures I posted from our visit to Intel recently. See Photos on Facebook. (See Photos of Intel Hybrid Cloud on Facebook.)

This webinar will be a click-by-click look at the benefits of the Intel Hybrid Cloud Server. One of the focuses will be on how you can make money with this solution!

Please join us on this FREE educational webinar.
Register Now:

SMB Nation Preday: Walking Into The Cloud
October 21st
10 AM Pacific
- Live In-Person Event!

Finally, please take a minute to look at what we're up to with the SMB Nation preday event! Visit http://smbnationpreday.com/.

Jeff Johnson from Technology Marketing Toolkit will join me to talk about Cloud Services -- Everything from Selling Cloud Services to

- Specific offerings you can use to make money

- Marketing and promotion

- The effect on your personnel and operations

- The practical side of building your own, reselling others' solutions, and simply being an agent for another product

- How to restructure what you do for greater success in the cloud

- and more!

This event is 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM and includes coffee, lunch, and snacks. We also have a special program scheduled with Zenith Infotech. All in all it will be a great program!

Seven hours of great education . . . for only $199 if you register now. Full Price goes into effect October 1st!

Find out more and register today at http://smbnationpreday.com/.

Of course you can just say Oh Just Sign Me Up Now.

See you there!

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There are all kinds of events going on the SMB space. I try to publish as many as I can in my weekly newsletter. You can sign up for that free of charge at SMB Books. Just click on the "Join Karl's SMB Email" link.


Want to figure out how to make money with Cloud Computing?

Join the Cloud Services Roudtable today and listen a great series of podcasts!


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