Sunday, December 07, 2008

Two Webinars from Stuart Crawford

My good friend Stuart Crawford has written a few books. One of them is a great workbook called Goal Setting for IT Professionals.

Stuart is doing a couple of special webinars in the next few weeks:

First, on December 17th, Stuart is joining a panel of technology leaders from Canada on a new panel called TBA: Trusted Business Advisor.

For more information, see

Second, on December 19th, Stuart is doing one of the great 5w50 webinars with Mike Iem. The topic is "Goal Setting for I.T. Professionals." As Stuart says: "Now more than ever, goal setting is very important."

For more information, see

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While you're at it, I highly recommend you check out Stuart's Goal Setting book at SMB Books.

AND you can buy his book in combination with Relax Focus Succeed(R) for one great price.

Just a thought.


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