Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Quick Audio Update: MSPSN Standardizes on IT Control Suite

I just had a GREAT ten minute phone call with Amy Luby from MSPSN.

They've announced that they're adopting IT Control Suite as their "Master" MSP Control software of choice.

In addition to being a ringing endorsement of the IT Control Suite product, this is big news for the SMP community as well as MSPSN's partners.

I was intrigued by Amy's press announcement, so I called her up. We rolled tape on the conversation (OK, we rolled zeros and ones).

You can listen to the free audio on the Free Audio page at SMB Books.

Please Note: Amy's did a webinar about IT Control Suite and this announcement yesterday. She'll be doing another one tomorrow -- Dec. 4th.

To register, go to and click on the BLOG tab for info.

Also: If you missed all that because you're reading this after Dec. 4, 2008, then go to Amy's blog for the latest information. With luck, the webinar will be posted.

A few things you'll learn on the free audio:

- The Master MSP Model

- IT Control Suite (

- What this means for partners

- Some general observations about tools -- and changing tools -- in the MSP environment.

- - - - -

Worst case scenario: You waste ten minutes of your life. :-)

Thanks, Amy.


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  1. The guys at itControl Suite are great friends of mine. Sheldon, Daniel and the crew understand what client service is all about.

    Stuart Crawford
    Calgary, AB


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