Sunday, February 04, 2007

My vacation's over

Hi, all.

I've been taking it easy for the last several weeks. Haven't been online here or anywhere else much. I needed to focus on just getting some projects pushed in the right direction.

So now I'm awaking from my winter rest and rejoining the world.

Here's what's up for the Spring:

- I'm definitely going to SMB Nation East. Just wish we had some details on that.

- I'm trying to organize a pre-day event for SMB N.E.

- I opened a forum over at the Mobilize SMB Private Services Network -- Hoping that will be a bit of give and take on best practices. Check it out.

- Next book is well under way. Five chapters are on good, solid final draft status. Eight more chapters are at first draft status. One chapter exists as a set of scribbles on napkins.

The new book will be very different from my first three, and will be for a much wider audience. The topic is Relax Focus Succeed(R). The basic theme is about balancing your personal and professional lives and being more successful with both.

To keep up on that, head over to and sign up for the free monthly newsletter. You can also read about seventy articles I've written there.

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