Friday, October 06, 2006

Bed Ridden Blogger

Blogger sucks.

The first draft of this disappeared when I hit spell check. So here's the revised version, drafted in UltraEdit and pasted to Blogger. Lesson learned, I guess.

Just an FYI:

I had a minor foot surgery yesterday, so I'm spending today on the couch with my foot up. Thank goodness for laptop computers and wireless networks.

As a result, I'll be catching up on some posts I've been meaning to finish.

I keep drafts in a folder called Blog Fodder. We'll see if we can empty that out.

< begin boring details you probably don't care about>

I had a neuroma, which is a nerve gone bad. Swollen all the time and very painful. The goal of the surgery was to remove that nerve.

On Tuesday I went in to have this done under local anesthesia but they couldn't get it numb enough to do the operation. But it hurt like crazy because they poked my nerves full of 40cc of lidocain. About twice the norm, and enough to swell up the foot. So that hurt for about eight hours.

On Wednesday I went to the general quack to make sure I was healthy enough to go under general anesthesia. OK.

On Thursday I had the surgery about 4:30 PM. No food since 10 PM the night before. I was starving. Needed to lose the weight, though.

That surgery went fine and my foot feels okay. No more post-op pain than an average day with the neuroma. So I'm not taking the pain meds they gave me. Did some major meditation last night and today. That helps.

< /end boring details you probably don't care about>

The bottom line is: I have to spend the day with my foot up doing nothing. So I'll be posting to the blog so I can catch up on stuff.


Money is requested in lieu of flowers.

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