Saturday, July 01, 2006

Queenie Spills the Beans: Big plans for Small Biz Symposium

Everyone's gearing up for the big Small Business Symposium at the Intergalactic Partner Conference.

Queenie dropped me a line. We exchanged a few notes about our schedules for the big Small Business Symposium on July 10th in Boston.

Don't know what I'm talking about? Check out for all the details. This spectacular event is all about--and all for--the Small Business Specialist community. So here's the skinny:

This is a brief outline of some of what Susanne and her crowd are presenting:

  • How and what the UK & Irish community is
  • Successes so far from the UK & Irish community (impressive growth, case studies from partners)
  • Vendor relationships (with HP, MS, CA etc and how we can lobby them to build better relationships with us)
  • Worldwide successes (video example of Nick Pieters and quotes from partners across the globe about their positive experiences from the community) as well as my view on what works and what doesn’t and why we are a strong network
  • Where to go and how to join (SMB Nation, blogs, forums, events, etc)
The take-aways from this session are:
  1. Why the community works and how it benefits everyone who is involved (both from a business and personal point of view)
  2. How partnering with vendors and joining programmes such as the Small Business Specialist Programme improve business practice
  3. Where to start to look (websites, forums, blogs, events, WWPC!)
Susanne Dansey will be presenting along with Tom Crosbie (Crosbie IT, East & West Midlands Partner Group) and Mark Taylor (Chorus IT, West of England Group).

And if Amsterdam, London, and Midlands taught me anything, they taught me this: You can look forward to a GREAT discussion that will be useful to all SBSC's, no matter what continent you're from.

Queenie says 2 PM on Business Skills Track 2

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