Friday, March 31, 2006

Don't forget the donuts!

Customer service comes in many guises.

In one of his best books Harry Brelsford recommends throwing a party for the client after their SBS install. We don't do that, but . . .

When we have a major project such as an SBS cut-over to a new server, our service manager always shows up with a box of donuts. It's amazing how much impact this can have. It gives people a sense that "something's going on." Diet or no diet, everyone sneeks in and has a donut.

And here's the proof that this is important. Last week I asked a client (18 desktops, four remote) how their move to a new SBS server went. She said, "It was very smooth. Customer service was excellent. They brought in donuts and . . .."

Weird, isn't it? You take a potentially stressful situation, add some carbohydrates, and everyone's attitude changes. Of course you still have to provide excellent service and follow-through.

But a dozen donuts can go a long way!

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