Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Catch-Up 2

OK. So February was busy, too. Looks like that kind of year.

But aren't they all?

Mostly in February I've been writing. The next book is a SAN Primer for the SMB space. Ryan Klein from QLogic has been proofing chapters. Harry B's supposed to get me a chapter before the end of March.

In the meantime, I've got one SAN set up and working on my SBS network. Very cool. The next storage array arrives today or tomorrow. W00-hoo!


I'm also busy getting ready for SMB Nation Amsterdam!!! Finalized my hotel reservations this morning. At $115 US per night, it's cheaper than traveling domestically.

I think Harry's not writing his chapter because he's out scouring the landscape in Europe for attendees.

While in Amsterdam, I'm going to hop over to Prague (Czech Republic) for a day to run a seminar their--One of Harry's Birds of a Feather seminars.

After Amsterdam I'm headed to the U.K. where Robbie Upcroft has organized (organised) a handful of User Group get-togethers.


See you all in Amsterdam!

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