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FAQ on New SBT Community Membership Level

Launching Friday – December 1st – The first major change to the Small Biz Thoughts Technology Community in five years! We’re adding a new membership level at $799 per year.

The new tier was created based on feedback we’ve heard from our members, and the broader ITSP community. Some people just don’t have enough time to take advantage of all of the courses associated with the “big” program. More on this below.

For others, the Community membership was outside of their budget – they’re just starting out, or only have a limited training budget.

And, to be honest, some people want to have some regular access to me and to like-minded people in the broader “managed services” community. So a membership level that gives them some access is appealing, even without classes.

Of course you can join now and we know you'll be happy. But to join at the new level, you need to wait until Friday:

Here’s an overview of the program levels and an FAQ to answer some questions we’ve had so far. Please send me any additional questions you have.

Members: Don't worry: Your price will never go up.

The Membership Levels

The “classic” membership is now the Community PLUS Membership. It includes all of the existing benefits PLUS: Each paid member now receives three free certification exams per year over at IT Service Provider University. That means for, Teams, that each member of your team receives up to three free certifications per year.

Note: These exam coupons are effective immediately. So, if you register for exams in December, they’re free. AND then you’ll get three more free exams in January 2024.

Current members will be elevated automatically to the PLUS membership AND continue to have their original membership price locked in for life. Your cost is locked in for life, no matter which benefits we add.

The new Community Membership: Includes one free course and one free certification exam.

The key differences between the Community Plus and the lower-priced Community Membership are:

Price. The new program is only $799 for the year.

  • Includes ONE course and one certification exam. Value: $598.
  • Includes 50% discount on all classes and certification exams at ITSPU. Potential value: $7,500. (25 courses at half price, plus 25 certification exams at half price).
  • Plus all of my books, checklists, trainings, audio programs, workbooks, weekly community Zoom meetings, and special members-only classes. Value: Over $10,000 if you take advantage of the programs.


Actions Needed

Members: Do nothing. You are automatically upgraded to the new Community Plus membership. Your price will stay the same . . . forever.

Non-Members: Check out the SBT Technology Community. If you join now, it will be at the Community Plus level. 

. . . or – beginning Friday – you can choose to join at either level. 

Note: You will have until December 31st to register for a free class. Then, in January, you will have a fresh coupon for a free class in 2024.

Who is “just right” for the $799 Community Membership level?

The new membership level is perfect for members who need the content in the community but are too busy to take advantage of dozens of hours of training and certification.

  • Investment is $799/year 
  • Includes One 5-week course at IT Service Provider University
  • Includes one free certification exam at IT Service Provider University

Who is “just right” for the Community Plus Membership level?

This level is perfect for members who want unlimited access to any classes or certifications any time. And, really, if you plan to take three or more classes per year and get or stay certified, then the Plus membership makes the most sense.

  • Investment is $1,299/year or $129/month
  • Includes unlimited 5-week courses for one person at IT Service Provider University (Total = 25 courses)
  • Includes up to three free certification exams per year

All tiers also include 

  • All of Karl's books, audio programs, checklists, and members-only events
  • Unlimited courses for your staff at half-price (potential $5,000 value per person)
  • Unlimited certification exams at half-price (potential $2,500 value per person)
  • Weekly calls, community forums, and special group Breakouts

The Official Small Biz Thoughts Technology Community Membership FAQ:

Q. Why the New Membership Level?

A. Since day one, we have worked hard keep adding new products, new programs, and new content. Members always get new books free of charge (see below). And all members have traditionally attended all of our 5-week courses for free.

But we noticed that some members take very few - or no - classes. So we're creating a new membership level that includes just one class and one certification exam over at IT Service Provider University. Everyone can use one free class, right?

We also heard from the broader IT consulting community that a lower-priced alternative would be easier to take advantage of. So, it’s also great for very small shops and those who are just getting started as a MSP or ITSP.

Q. If I purchased a class for $399 in the last 90 days, can I get some kind of credit?

A. We are happy to apply a recent class credit to your first year. However, this will use the class credit included in your membership. You can register for additional classes for 50% off.

If this sounds good, send a note to [email protected] and include the email you’re registered with at


Q. Who is the $799 membership level good for?

A. The Community Membership is great for anyone looking for budget-friendly access to the same resources and training used by tens of thousands of MSPs. If anyone knows standard operating procedures, it’s Karl, and there’s no need to reinvent the wheel when Karl has them all posted in a searchable library for you.

It’s also good for established MSPs looking for Community. Regardless of success or even the number of employees, management and business ownership can be a lonely place. Our weekly Thursday calls offer ongoing support and camaraderie to help you feel more connected and confident in your day-to-day decisions.


Q. Who should get the Community Plus membership?

A. If you want easy access to all classes at ITSPU, including on-demand classes right when you need them, it’s best to go for the Community Plus Membership.

If you’re interested in becoming a Certified Specialist, the Community Membership is the most cost-effective way. If you have a team you want certified, consider the Teams Plus.


Q. If I start off at the Community Membership, can I upgrade to Community Plus (or even Team Plus)?

A. Yes – you’ll be able to upgrade to Community Plus as long as you maintain the annual option. This is due to how payment processers handle pro-ration. We want you to keep the portion you paid for, and sticking with the annual option allows it!

-- -- -- 

Join us for a Special Webinar and “Open House Q&A” on the New Membership Levels!

December 13th
10:00 AM Pacific Time 

Topic: New SBT Community Level - and Open Q&A

Register now for free so you'll get a reminder:

If you have more questions in the meantime, Ask us!!! Please email us if you have any questions: [email protected] or [email protected].


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