Sunday, November 12, 2023

ChannelPro 2024 Dates Announced

ChannelPro 2024 Dates Announced

ChannelPro Network is now promoting their 2024 SMB Summit event. These have been added to my big calendar in my weekly newsletter - sign up here:

If you've never attended a ChannelPro event, they're GREAT. Well produced, fun, educational, and a good opportunity to meet vendors and partners, and find new products and services you might want to consider selling and supporting.

This great show will hit eight cities in 2024. Find the one closest to you. Make sure it's on your calendar for next year.

More info at

ChannelPro Event 2024: Chicago - Mar 7th, 2024

ChannelPro Event 2024: Tampa - Apr 11th, 2024 

ChannelPro Event 2024: Arlington - May 9th, 2024 

ChannelPro Event 2024: Columbus - Jun 6th, 2024

ChannelPro Event 2024: Parsippany - Aug 8th, 2024

ChannelPro Event 2024: Charlotte - Sep 12th, 2024

ChannelPro Event 2024: Dallas - Oct 10th, 2024

ChannelPro Event 2024: Los Angeles - Nov 13th, 2024

More info at


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