Friday, July 23, 2021

Rescheduling Canada and UK Roadshows

 I am very sorry to announce that we are going to reschedule our Canada and UK Roadshows, which were scheduled for August and September. Even the Canadian shows had already been rescheduled from May.

I am a very optimistic person. So, when this pandemic started, I thought it would be done in a month or two. That was sixteen months ago. And then the vaccinations took off pretty well, so I thought the world's doors would open quickly. They didn't.

Now it appears that the Delta variant is sweeping across the globe. Those who are vaccinated have a 90% chance of not being affected. But it is becoming clear that we (the vaccinated) can get, carry, and pass on the variant, even if we are symptom-free. [I'm not a doctor, etc. Don't argue with me. I'm just boiling down what I think we know.]

So I'm once again pushing events out to the future.

I am moving forward with the Providence, RI Roadshow on September 16th at the Hilton Providence.

See the web site for details:

AND we're looking at a December event in Las Vegas, NV.

My best guess is that those are the only two shows we'll do this year. So if you are anywhere near Providence in September or Vegas in December, please join us.

The Good News: I Promise GREAT Content!

We will kick off the event with a live Game Show. Great entertainment and networking opportunity. After that, we'll look at some of the biggest challenges and opportunities in the SMB IT space today. And we finish off with a beerfest to celebrate our success and send everyone off with more great networking.

We already have folks signed up for the Providence show. And we'll open Vegas registration soon.

Do yourself a favor: Join Us!

Reminder: Small Biz Thoughts Technology Community Members attend free. Grab the discount code in your dashboard or email Kara or me for directions.

Also: If you think we should bring the SMB Roadshow to YOUR CITY in 2022, drop me a line or put a comment below. We will be doing more cities next year.


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