Thursday, July 15, 2021

Build a Priority-Based Service Department - Join Me at SMB TechFest

 Join me -

July 29th online for the SMB TechFest Quarterly event.

Register for free at this link:

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Build a Priority-Based Service Department 

Even after all these years, too many companies are 100% interrupt-driven. That means that they find themselves working on whatever get dropped in front of them. Interruption-based work is always less efficient and less profitable!

But how do you set and implement priorities so that all of your staff, and all of your clients agree on what each priority level means? And how do you build processes to make that system work? And what does it look like from inside your service department?

We'll cover all of that plus give you some sample tip sheets for employees and clients.

No matter what you use for a ticketing system, a rock-solid priority system will help you deliver better service and be more profitable.

Plan to join us online July 29th. And drop by my booth to hang out in the afternoon. More information and registration at


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