Friday, February 08, 2019

MSP Makeover: Win A Day with Harry Brelsford

Super opportunity from SMB Super-Consultant Harry B!

Harry Brelsford - Always combining fun and business!
I was delighted to get an email from Harry announcing a very cool opportunity. Harry is offering an MSP Makeover for one lucky company. Here's the info.

- This is a contest. No cost to enter.

- Harry will travel at his expense to the winner's office.

- Harry will give you feedback and advice to improve your business. Plus, you know, you get to spend a day with Harry at your office.

I asked Harry how he came up with this. He said, "Our studies showed that a contest needs to consider a prize with a real impact. While cruises are always welcome by nearly anyone, the feedback was, can Harry deliver his SMB Best Practices workshop on-site to move the revenue needle? MSPs are serious about growing their businesses and when possible, want a serious prize. The fun will follow the riches at a later date."

Harry is refreshing his Brelsford Rules of 12 methodology for this event. Some of you know that he wrote a truly great book on SMB Consulting Best Practices awhile back. Harry is also leaving plenty of unstructured time built into the day to provide customized advisory services. One example he mentioned was perhaps taking a look at mergers and acquisitions, if appropriate.

Speaking for myself – it’s the one prize I can easily give – my time. But you have to complete the steps and have allow us to help you by helping us by completing the research survey and post a biz selfie to the SMB Nation page on FB. Who said we can’t have just a wee bit of fun too?!?!

Note: Harry is teaming up with community sponsor SherWeb to deliver real value for the MSP community.

The contest is simple. Just submit the MSP Survey HERE.

Then submit a "business selfie" to the SMB Nation Facebook Page HERE.
(You have to like the page to submit a pic.)

And that's it - you're entered. Contest drawing will be on Friday, March 1 at 12:00 pm Pacific.

- - - - -

I want to send a big thank you and shout-out to Harry for doing this. I am always grateful when someone comes up with a new way to support the SMB IT Community! Good job, Harry!

You can find SMB Nation at


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