Sunday, May 01, 2016

Should You Hire or Outsource Technicians?

One of the biggest steps you go through as your company grows is whether you should hire or outsource a technician. After that, you need to decide whether you should get someone full time or part time.

Fundamentally, this is a challenge of cashflow.

It's critical to remember that no technician will ever be 100% billable. So you have to accept the fact that there is some management, some training, some downtime, etc.

In this video I address the key things to consider.

One option is to start with a part time employee. That's great for you, but hard for the technician. So don't be surprised if they leave for a more full time job. Hiring an employee makes it easy for you to make sure the taxes are paid properly.

Outsourcing is attractive because the engagement can be very limited in scope. Just make sure you sign an agreement so that all three parties (you, the technician, and the tax man) know exactly what the relationship is.

Very often, the hourly cost for these options comes out about the same. But there are lots of variables to consider as you grow.


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  1. Great advice Karl. I've been there before and I'm there again as far as hiring the first employee. What you said it spot on.


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