Friday, May 20, 2016

Planning and Priorities in Managed Service - New Video

My latest video is about setting priorities within your managed service business.

There are two key rules that make work manageable:

1) All work is done on a Service Ticket. That means we don't do anything until there's a ticket.

2) We do all work based on it's priority. When everyone is working on the highest priority work they can do, then everything runs much smoother.

Setting Priorities

Strangely enough, some people don't like to prioritize tickets because they're afraid that the low priority tickets won't get any attention. Think about what that really means. If you're so backlogged that some things won't get done . . . Do you want those things to be low priority or high priority?

If you don't work based on priorities, you are wasting a lot of time, and dropping the ball on some important stuff.

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  1. Very interesting Karl. Appreciate the video, as always. I don't think you want to hear all the things I disagree with here, so I'll save you the rant haha.

    I do, however, wonder - are you in the business now? Are you actively running an MSP company today? You seem to mention in the video "My company". What's that company's name and where does it operate out of?

  2. If you've got time, I'm happy to discuss anything you disagree with.

    I run a small managed service business is Sacramento, CA. I sold my much larger MSP business several years ago. I also work with a handful of MSPs as a coach. They range in size from three employees to 50.


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