Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Suggestions and Requests

Every once in awhile, I get emails requesting a comment on something, or advice on products, etc.

As a rule, I like to post the answers somewhere publicly rather than just respond to an email. But I get busy. So sometimes there is a backlog of emails and posts that need attention.

Will you please make this a little easier for me?

We've set up a mailbox just for requests and suggestions. You won't get a response back at that email, but we'll put your request on the pile of things that need attention. And it will help clear up my personal mailbox.

Send whatever you'd like a little attention on to [email protected]. We will work to get your ideas out there and get your questions answered.

I know this box will fill with press releases and spam, so we'll have someone separate the crap from the good stuff. It is NOT my intention to fill this blog with re-postings of other peoples stuff. There are plenty of those.

So please send ideas and questions to [email protected]. If you have announcements, we'll probably shuffle those over to the weekly SMB Email. But send those too.

Thank you.

As always, we look forward to serving the community.


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