Monday, June 01, 2009

SMB Nation's Salary Survey

Harry B and SMB Nation have released the results of the Third Annual SMB Salary Survey.

If you're info's not represented, it's because you didn't fill out the survey!

Of the 225 who did respond . . .

- Most have been in the technology biz for 15+ years.

- Most are owners of the business

- and the average salary was about $80,000

Obviously, I'm leaving out lots of details. See Harry's post (above).

As expected, respondents belonged to local IT Pro groups and to the well-known national organizations such as Robin Robins, MSPU, and SMBTN.

And I was happy to see that respondents are reading my blog (thank you). Harry's blog wasn't listed, as it was his survey. Mine was third. The Microsoft Official SBS Blog was second. And someone called "Susan Bradley" came in first. (Kicked my butt!)

One item that struck home with me was the balance between hardware/software sales and service revenue. These numbers are within 1% of our numbers at KPEnterprises. That gives a little faith that we're not too far off the beaten path.

Another striking stat was the amazing percentage of companies that are getting little or none of their revenue from managed services. To be honest, I'm not sure how people survived the last six months without managed service. But you did!

And Harry concludes with a wonderfully optimistic finding . . . which you'll have to Read For Yourself.

Overall, the findings are very positive and reflect that we exist in a very resilient business.

Thanks for the info, Harry.

And thank you to those contributed by responding.


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