Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Report on Zero Downtime Seminar

Well, we had a great time in Portland last night. That includes great snackage at the Fairfield Inn and Suites in Lake Oswego. Nice room. Warm cookies, cold milk, along with fruit, chips, etc.

30-some folks showed up. We really appreciate that! Portland is always a great place to do an event. Thank you to Ken Shafer and the Technology Wizards for hosting this event.

Anyway, then we had a seminar in two parts.

I've been getting questions about whether an 8 hour pre-day event makes sense before SMB Nation. After last night's seminar I am convinced that it does.

Here are some comments from the evaluations:

    - "Great presentation! Well thought out and presented. Very persuasive."

    - "I would have liked more SBS 2008 migration technical information."

    - "Good slides and info!"

    - "Wanted more specific migration instructions."

    - "No hotel bar." (There's one in every crowd.)

    - "A little more technical discussion would have been nice."

    - "Very relevant. Thanks."

    - "Not enough time to cover all the info!"

    - "Great points regarding project management from a high level."

    - "Too brief."

    - "If I can 'get' this, it will revolutionize and revitalize my business, giving me my life back!"

Now just for perspective: I talked and answered questions for 2.5 hours. So when I see that people want some technical details and more specifics, I know we need an all-day venue.

If 2.5 hours is "too brief," how much is enough?

To be fair to all the attendees, we have to start at the overview stage with stuff like this. Some people are ready to hit the ground going 60 MPH. Some people have been doing their own version of zero downtime, minimal downtime, or swing migrations. They get the overview and the details right away.

But most people we talk to are not doing -- or trying -- zero downtime migrations.

As a result, we need the intro and overview.

After that, we can do a deeper dive.

- - - - -

Our SMB Preday Seminar on Zero Downtime Migration Deep Dive is eight hours long.

- Because we WILL get very technical

- Because we WILL give all the details, click by click

- Because we WILL be very specific

- Because we WILL need that time to cover all the material

Zero Downtime Migrations are not extremely complicated. But it takes a variety of skills to pull them off consistently.

In fact, most technicians have all the skills they need. What we're offering is an extremely detailed checklist (about 150 pages), plus all the resources we use (Microsoft tools, white papers, third-party tools, etc.).

Warning: Please do NOT send your entry-level technicians to this seminar. They'll get value out of it, but a mid-level or high-level technician will get a lot more value.

The fall seminar is a little pricey, but absolutely worth the money. Here's why:

1) The seminar includes a copy of the new Network Migration Workbook. About 500 pages 8.5 x 11. Filled with examples and checklists. This book will sell for $300.

2) A printed, bound copy of the Network Migration Checklist we'll all go through together in the class. About 150 pages. In a three-ring binder with tabs.

3) A hot lunch, plus a day's worth of snackage.

Money Back Guarantee:
You Will Save at Least Ten Hours of Labor on Your Next Migration with the techniques you'll learn in this seminar.


If you need to, you can make three monthly payments.

We highly recommend that you register today!

On the seminar page at SMB Books.

Go now. Click Click Click.


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