Friday, July 11, 2008

SMB Nation Reservations, Rooms, Airfare

Memo to the Community:

Amy B made an excellent point on the Ride Share/Room Share Yahoo group -- -- that it's a good idea to get your reservations early.

Three key points:

1) The close-by hotel (Marriott) WILL fill up. SMB Nation says the first bank of rooms is filled and they have opened a second. Some day there will be a flood of reservations and you'll find yourself at an overflow hotel.

2) It looks like the airlines are going to be notching their prices higher every week through "death by a thousand surcharges."

You'll pay $25 price increase, $25 fuel surcharge, $25 per bag, $25 per bag over weight. Somebody announced yesterday that they're removing the TVs in order to save fuel.


The point is, your airfare will never be cheaper than it is today.

3) Pre-day events are October 3, 2008. So you'll want to arrive either that morning (for Karl, Erick, Matt) or the night before (for Robin's all-day event).

More info at the SMB Preday web site.

Oh, and don't forget to register for the conference itself!

- - - - -

Amy B is looking for a female to share a room with one of her employees and is looking to make the reservation soon.

So, before you relax for your Summer Vacation, take a little time and make sure you have your air fare, hotel, and preday events all lined up.

The good news is that you'll have all that pesky stuff behind you.

- - - - -

Ride and Room Share:

Preday and Higher-Level Training:

SMB Nation:

See you there!

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