Wednesday, January 03, 2024

Recording Available: My 15th Annual State of the Nation Address for SMB IT

My how time flies . . . Register now for my 15th Annual State of the Nation Address for SMB IT.

This year's focus: The Dawning of a New Era for IT Consultants

Why is it a new dawning?

Watch the recording and find out!

Recorded January 10, 2024

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A quick look at 2023 and the year behind us.

Then a major focus on 2024 and the year ahead. From there, a look to the rest of the decade. 

In particular, we’ll focus on the challenges and opportunities in the years ahead.

As always, I bring my personal biases: A positive attitude. A focus on processes, with a strong believe in a holistic systems approach. And, of course, I try to do a bit of analysis.

Topics Include:

  • Highlights and low-lights from 2023
  • Technology Updates 2023 . . . and what’s next
  • We WILL address more than AI and ChatGPT
  • The Economy
  • Speculations about 2024 – and beyond
  • A strategy for balancing the challenges and opportunities we have in our industry
  • I have some specific thoughts about the affect of private equity and private financing on the SMB IT economic space
  • PLUS, we’ll have time for questions and answers. 

So plan to take notes.

-- -- --

A note on the MSP Webinar site:

One of the great sites we manage is Take a minute and check it out. You'll find the last two "State of the Nation" addresses along with lots of other useful webinars.

One of the great examples is my Sample Security Training with a slide deck you can download for free. Another good one is the Seven Stages of Wealth and the Economy. 

All those recordings are free, and many of them have handouts you can download.



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