Friday, December 15, 2023

2023 Tax Break - 2024 Training for Your Whole Team

What ONE THING can you invest in today that will guarantee dividends all next year? Training.

IT Service Provider University and Small Biz Thoughts Technology Community have teamed up to provide your entire team with training that's guaranteed to make you managed service business more profitable in 2024. 

And, if you subscribe today, your annual membership is a 2023 business expense, even though all the resources and training are good through December of 2024!

Plus, you get bonus certification coupons. Each membership level includes one or more coupons for free certification exams at IT Service Provider University ( that are based on the calendar year. That means you can register for exams now, and you get fresh coupons to use next year . . . next month, if you wish.

There are now three membership options (see all the details at

Community Membership includes one free course at ITSPU, and one  free certification exam per year. This is great for folks who have a new business, are one-person shops, or do not have time for massive education.

Community Plus Membership includes access to ALL five-week courses at ITSPU for one person, plus three free certification exams per year at ITSPU. This is great for folks who want to dig into the managed service business model, take advantage of massive content, and work to improve every aspect of their operations.

Team Plus Membership includes all of the above for up to ten team members. That's all of the above times ten memberships. If you have team that's ready commit to the next level, you can send the technicians to one training path, Sales people to another, and even the Front Office folks to their own pathway. YOU managed your team logins and access. Plus there are additional Team benefits that include increased access to my schedule.

All of these memberships include full access to the Small Biz Thoughts Technology Community - the only place where you get total access to every book I've written (20+), plus all of my checklists, audio programs, forms, SOPs, calculators, spreadsheets, and more. Of course, we also have weekly community meetings, monthly Roundtables, special events, and more.

Our goal is to give you access to everything I've ever created to help IT consultants be better at the business side of your business!

Why Training? Why Certification?

IT Service Provider University offers five pathways to become a Certified Specialist. Assign a pathway to a team member, or move through them all as a solo entrepreneur. Either way, we guarantee to improve the business side of your business.

Certification demonstrates your professionalism and commitment to your client's success.

Share certificates and badges on your website, marketing materials, and LinkedIn to increase your prospects' confidence in you and your company.

Certification is good for IT Service Providers

Continuing education and certification signals to your clients, prospects, and even your competition, that you take your business (and your clients’ businesses) seriously.  

We understand that IT service providers are IT experts first, and business professionals second. That’s why our classes focus on the intersection of IT and business so you can build and maintain your competitive edge through your brand.

We believe that your “brand” consists of every single thing your company does. This includes the way you hire, how you onboard clients, the way you manage tickets, the contracts you sign, and . . . absolutely everything you do.

Demonstrate knowledge of the managed service business model and how it is implemented in the real world. Stop second-guessing if you're doing managed services correctly and start signing contracts with confidence. Build your personal or company brand as a certified professional

Our classes are designed to help you build your brand by building amazing procedures, hiring great people, and attracting clients you love.

For Individuals, Certification leads to increased wages

While the average IT professional received a raise of 6%, those who attribute their raise to obtaining a new certification experienced a salary bump of nearly $13,000. (

Stand out among your peers - establish professional credibility

Professional certifications let everyone know that you are constantly moving up. When you display your certifications, you demonstrate that you are committed to your profession and to yourself.

Invest Now - Enjoy the benefits all next year. Start at


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