Monday, September 23, 2019

My Web Guy - Ruben Young

This is a shout-out for one of my web developers.

Most of you probably don't know that I mange almost two hundred web sites for my business. In addition to the blogs, podcast sites, and "major" web sites (,,,, I also have at least one site for each product. Multiple sites allow me to do A-B testing of advertisements.

Anyway, I have been working with Ruben Young on many web sites for more than five years. He had helped me with major re-designs of many sites, and is the designer and implementer of my membership site at

Here is Ruben:

You can find him at

If you need some web (or other) design work for your business, I recommend you contact Ruben.

Earlier this year, Ruben sent me a note. He has been drinking the Relax Focus Succeed Kool-Aid. He told me that working with me has convinced him to raise his rates, take more confidence in his work, and stop working crazy night and weekend hours. As a result, after 20 years in business, he is more balanced and more successful than ever.

I'm not saying he's expensive. He's not. He does excellent work, is very responsive, and is able to come up with great ideas to push the "creativity" side of the development work.

Twelve years ago, I built (had built) a membership site with pretty much the same features as the Small Biz Thoughts Community site. It cost me about ten times as much as what Ruben charged me to build the current site - and the newer site is ten times more attractive and functional.

So if you need a good developer or just someone to consult on your web or print design, I encourage you to contact Ruben.


Not a paid advertisement. Just spreading the good word about a good guy I work with.

P.S., My in-house designer, Kara Schoonveld, also does excellent work. She is currently working to revamp several other sites. More about her soon.


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