Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Bering McKinley Holds Service Manager’s and Dispatcher’s Workshop - Chicago

My good friend Josh Peterson is holding a great two-day workshop. Josh is a great coach and a great instructor in the Managed Services community.
You're guaranteed to get your money's worth from this program.
From the web site of Bering McKinley (www.beringmckinley.com)
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Service Manager’s and Dispatcher’s Workshophttp://www.beringmckinley.com/service-leadership-workshop
 December 4 & 5, 2014     Chicago, IL
We are offering our very popular Service Fundamentals Workshop in Chicago on December 4th and 5th here in Chicago. We cover:
1. Measuring department performance. 10 KEY METRICS to ensure you are delivering excellent AND profitable service
2. Centralized Dispatch. What it is, how to do it AND how to roll it out without losing your entire service team.
3. Time entry – You will learn how to stop fighting this battle TODAY. No more fighting. The struggle is over. Your staff will enter time as they go and you will capture your true costs and more invoicable hours
4. How to hire, retain, measure, and replace staff. You’ll be an HR expert by the time we are done with you.
5. How to deliver a Signature Experience that your clients will love
Who should attend?
Owners who need formal training on delivering service
Dispatchers on their way to being Service Managers
Service Managers who have never received any real training
Experienced Managers new to the industry
How much?
$950 (special discounts for current Bering McKinley Peer Group Members and for members of competitive Peer Groups) – This includes a work book for future reference and a library of sample documents including sample contracts, job descriptions, and scope of work samples.
As an owner, you can’t be all things to all people, hard as you may try. Utilize the experience and expertise of Bering McKinley to train your staff. 1000’s of your peers have trusted Josh Peterson to train their staff. You’ll be in great hands.
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