Sunday, April 27, 2014

Hosted Spam Filtering: Why, How, and Why Now?

For many years I have been advocating the use of hosted spam filtering to make you life easier. There are three main reasons that hosted spam filtering makes your life easier:

1) It reduces the workload on your server

2) It reduces the network traffic on your router, firewall, and any switches between the Internet and the server

3) Having a hosted spam filter eliminates downtime when you move offices, replace the server, or switch Internet service providers

4) Having a hosted spam filter allows you to move from in-house email to hosted (cloud) email with zero downtime

Here are three videos to show you why this is true. First, here's a quickie on how to set up your hosted spam filter.

How to Set Up a Hosted Spam Filter

Second, here's a video on moving your email server when you have a hosted spam filter in place.

Moving Your Email Server with a Hosted Spam Filter

Third, here's a video demonstrating the steps to move your email from in-house to out-house. Um . . . well out-of-house anyway.

Moving from In-House Exchange to Hosted Exchange Mailboxes

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  1. Hi Karl,
    Great article, I'm looking to provide a good spam filtering service as part of my 'Elite' MSP program and wanted to see what you recommended as your SPAM filtering favorite(s)? A solution that's effective and would fit well to offer at 'little to no cost' as part of my highest MSP plans.

    Donte @ Tech Force

  2. It's a great idea! We've included hosted spam filtering for more than six years. Maybe seven. We use Reflexion, but there are many good services. With low volume, expect to pay about $1.50 per mailbox. I think that's cheap enough to roll into just about any offering.


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