Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Tune into My Fifth Annual "State of the Nation" Address for IT Consultants

Mark your calendar now and don't miss this once-a-year podcast. Since 2010 I've produced a podcast on the "State of the Nation" for small technology providers.

Don't miss this year's podcast.

Karl's Annual State of the Nation Address
Wednesday, January 15th
9:00 AM Pacific

Here's the Link you'll need:

No cost. No registration. Just log in and listen.

Paste that into your calendar so you don't forget!

Topics Include:

  • Highlights (lowlights?) from 2013
  • The Economy
  • The Death of SBS - Final Thoughts
  • The Pace of Technology
  • Systematic Success in 2014

- - - - -

Our business is extremely fast paced. And - no B.S. - the pace of change is increasing. You have never been able to keep up on "everything" out there. But now more than ever you need to be very intentional about the technologies you stay informed about.

We'll talk about living in a world of change where the ground is constantly shifting underneath us. And more importantly, we'll talk about what's ahead and how you can build a business designed to take advantage of the changes ahead.

Tune in to learn more.


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