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Four Killer White Papers - One Great Price

My brother Manuel Palachuk is more than just another nerd - He is a great coach, a great process engineer, and a great Managed Service Provider. He was the president of my company (KPEnterprises) for several years and instrumental in designing and implementing many of our most successful programs and policies.

Manuel Palachuk
Manuel is also the co-author of The Network Migration Workbook - now in its Second Edition. After leaving us he went off to run another successful MSP business. Now he is a full-time coach. You can visit his web site at

Four White Papers

Now Manuel has release a series of white papers that you can get separately or as a bundle.

Three of the white papers address core elements of building a successful I.T. consulting business. The fourth covers a common task (email cleanup). In addition to providing great advice, the email cleanup white paper serves as a great of example of how to create an excellent process.

The white papers are:

- The Most Important Documents Every Company Must Have - $19.95
- Working and Tracking Time in Real-Time - $29.95
- The Core Competency Matrix - $29.95
- Cleaning Up Your Email - $9.95

Special Bundle: All four white papers for only $69.95

Here's a quick summary of each. For more information on each white paper, click on its link.

The Most Important Documents Every Company Must Have

This one is essentially a kit all by itself. This zip file contains a series of sample document templates and a white paper describing the best way to use each of them. Topics include:

- Proper and consistent branding of all company documents including and especially emails.

- Knowledge management systems kick start; specifically the core documents used in building all your quality processes, procedures, checklists, network maps, and presentations.

- Effective quality communications within the company and with everyone outside the company focusing primarily on one of the most important element; the properly and consistently formatted email template.

Features one 13-page white paper, plus 13 document templates - Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Visio, Publisher, and email templates!

Working and Tracking Time in Real-Time

Tackle the single toughest obstacle to super high profits in your service delivery system with this in depth paper written specifically with IT Services in mind. Every CRM, PSA, and ticketing system out here wants to supply you with great reports on your billability and your efficiency but not one of them can do it unless everyone is working and tracing time in real-time.

The profitability potential of the Managed Services model when time is tracked in real time is explored in some detail including examples. Time tracking methods are laid out including understanding the ideal time tracking increments for our industry and the ever important skill of rounding time entries to 5 and 15 minutes.

Discover the Golden Rules of Working and Tracking Time-in Real-time. Follow the Time Tracking Log example that covers the entire day of a technician who jumps from after-hours responses calls, to field service, then help desk, then back to field service and never misses a time entry.

The author could clearly fill an entire book with this subject and here you will find the distilled and most immediately useful content.

The Core Competency Matrix

To be successful you have to have the right people in your company and then you have to play to their strengths. Likewise you must staff the best talent possible for the core competencies that support what you sell to your clients. These two meet up in the Core Competency Matrix. Here you can set the expectations of every employee’s growth within their roles while ensuring three level deep mastery of the key technologies, tools, and, solutions you leverage for your solutions.

Use the time proven methods outlined in this whitepaper along with the Core Competency Matrix to map out your current coverage of key competencies and build a plan for propelling the company’s talent to the top along solid, well planned training paths.

There is something in the Matrix for everyone. Even a small one man shop needs to plan out how they will slowly but surely divvy up the roles that they alone currently cover, and this is the tool that will help. Laid out for easy use and with well written detailed instructions you will have every team mapped out for success in no time.

Cleaning Up Your Email
Revised 2013

A Comprehensive Guide to Clearing Out the Junk and Reducing the Size of Your Mailbox. A Series of Proven Processes for Users of Microsoft Exchange and Outlook.

We've all seen it (or done it). There are fifty users on the network, and four of them take up 13 GB of space in Exchange while the remaining forty-six take up less than 2 GB combined. There are three things you need to do to fix this situation. The first is education. You need to let the client know how expensive this lack of policies and procedures is for their company.

After that, you need to clean out the offending mailboxes. And, finally, you need to set up processes so that the bloat doesn't happen again.

This white paper was written specifically to address these issues with the clients of KPEnterprises. It has also proven to be a good marketing tool. We offer up the white paper to prospects as a way to demonstrate our seriousness and commitment to providing more than "tech support."

Technical professionals will also find great information here, including detail procedures for cleaning out email boxes and helping clients maintain them going forward.

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Click Here to Buy the Special Bundle: All four white papers for only $69.95

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