Tuesday, December 04, 2007

It Begins . . . SMB Books Adventure

After being head-down working on web sites and back-end processes, I'm coming up for air.

I have a vision of the future. It involves you.

Here's the multi-step process:

1) We have launched a new web site called www.SMBBooks.com. It's just a baby right now, but we have plans to grow very soon.

2) SMB Books will sells books and a lot more. Audio CDs, white papers, and whatever we can find that's interesting and useful to the SMB Consulting Community.

3) SMB Books will sell everything at 10% off (or better) every day. So that $60 book will cost you no more the $54.

4) You can earn money by joining our affiliate program. Put our link on your site. When visitors click from you to us, you will earn 10% of what they spend. Compare that to just about any book-related affiliate program! For more information, see our sister-site at www.smb-books.com.

5) We are soliciting White Papers and other materials that may be of interest to the wider SMB Consulting community. A white paper is a short (15-25 pages, generally) paper that explores a specific topic. It might be a how-to on a certain technology, a best practice recommendation, or whatever you think may be useful to the community. White papers don't sell for much, but they can help you make a little money while helping your fellow SBSers.

6) We have an editorial board (see http://www.smb-books.com/Vendor/EditorialBoard.htm) who will review submissions and help us determine whether they are something the wider community would benefit from.

So, here are the calls to action:

First, please go check out www.SMBBooks.com and www.smb-books.com.

Second, put up a link today and start earning money.

Third, if you have a white paper, or some other product that is useful to the SMB community, please contact me through the www.smb-books.com web site.

Our long term plan is to expand our offerings, focus very clearly on the SMB Consulting space, and to become a real resource for the community. With audio programs and white papers, I think we can really build a resource for the entire SMB Consulting community.

Won't you please join me?


  1. Anonymous6:49 AM

    Hey Karl- your link is broken. it points to blogurl/www.smbbooks.com instead of smbbooks.com

    Also, the rss still seems to be broken...


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